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April 19, 2023    Child Care Courses in Perth
A daycare worker engaging with young children in various activities such as reading, playing, and crafting. They are smiling and creating a warm and nurturing environment for the children.

Looking to be a daycare worker in Australia?

People looking to have satisfied and fulfilling care should opt to become childcare-certified providers. It is an ideal career for people who love children and want to make a difference in a child’s life.

The basic responsibilities of such a worker are to ensure support daily through their physical, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, and social development. These are the essential years of a child’s development and a care worker provides everything needed for the adequate growth of a child.

However, to become a daycare professional, an individual requires to go through certain training and certifications. Hence, take a look at these in detail!

What does a certified Childcare Worker do?

Before going through available certifications that would help an individual to become a licensing professional in the field learn what such a pro does. Such workers are completely responsible for offering growth and learning to children through a positive environment while minimizing stress.
A licensed worker in this field is responsible for certain duties. The requirements to work at a daycare involve:

  • Preparing meals and organizing meal schedules for kids under their care
  • Supervising a child aged up to 12 years for helping them grow safely
  • To develop their cognitive ability, organize activities, and plan lessons accordingly
  • Helping children learn about self-care routines such as personal hygiene
  • Ensuring children have ample physical activity
    Teaching a plethora of life and social skills like conflict resolution, mutual respect, manners, etc.
  • Providing support for social and emotional development that helps them to identify as part of the community and society
    Noting a child’s development, interests, and behaviors when under such care

The aforementioned responsibilities are some of the tasks that such a certified worker will have to handle when working with a child. Professionals can start working in private households, child care centres, or simply start their day-care centres.

Certifications available to become a daycare worker

There are numerous certifications available for people to become daycare workers. However, the best option available for an individual is to ensure opting for Child Care Courses Perth.

The minimum certification required is for an individual to complete, Certificate iii in Early Childhood Education and Care. This is an ideal course through which an individual can start his/her career in this field. Apart from this certification, one should have completed First-Aid training and go through necessary background checks and more. Completing Certification III will aid an individual prepare and landing a job available in this industry’s entry-level positions.

However, other available certifications that will help in earning more and rising through the ranks in this field involve diploma and advanced diploma courses. To get leadership positions in this field and acquire management skills people should opt for Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Also, to opt for a better position and further one’s career, people can opt for Advanced Diploma courses related to this field.

Apart from these courses, one should also have an updated Working with Children Check along with First Aid certification; it will ensure one has Asthma Awareness, Anaphylaxis, and CPR training.

TAFE/VET courses

  • VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses like diplomas, certificate 3 in Childcare Perth, and advanced diplomas will enable an individual to work in this profession by offering practical skills. The basic requirement includes Year 10 completion.
  • Depending on the course, people will have to spend 12-24 months for completing such a curriculum.

Undergraduate courses

  • Bachelor’s or any other undergraduate degree is what an individual is eligible for after Year 12 completion. It will aid in providing comprehensive skills along with career training for a few years. Most Bachelor’s degrees related to this field require ATAR entry fulfillment.
  • Some of these degrees include a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education), a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching), etc. These courses generally take 3-4 years for an individual to complete.

Industry certifications

As mentioned earlier, to work in this field, one will require complete First-Aid training. This generally takes 6-8 hours for people choosing to complete it through a full-time curriculum. Upon completion, people get to become certified First-Aid providers.

Salary of Childcare Providers

In Australia, a childcare provider’s annual average salary is around $58.5k. The actual salary an individual can attract will depend on his/her experience, educational background, etc. Moreover, location plays a crucial role in what a person can earn. For example, the average salary of such a daycare worker in Perth WA is $60,178 while the average salary for the same job in Melbourne is $61,294, and in Blacktown is $59,631. Hence, the place where one works plays a critical role in one’s salary-drawing capability.

Is there a demand for Childcare Providers?

There are ample demands when it comes to childcare services. More people are required to fill the gap of certified workers needed in Australia. The National Skills Commission of Australia has portrayed that there will be a job growth of 5.9% in the next five years. The projection shows a giant leap in available jobs in this sector makes from 2021 to 2026.

Work environment

People need to understand that this is quite a fulfilling job for people and one of the most essential benefits of being a childcare worker. Hence, job satisfaction is always high in this field. Also, the work environment depends on the work placement of a professional. Some work in a daycare center and have rotational shifts, while many others work in an employer’s house. Depending on an employer’s requirement, these people tend to work overtime, on weekends, etc.

How to become a childcare worker?

To become a certified childcare worker, people need to ensure a few steps mentioned below. These include:

  • Completing a certificate or diploma in childcare
  • Obtaining work license
  • Having first-aid certification
  • Seek a job
  • Gain required experience for better positions

These are the common but necessary steps to becoming a childcare worker in Australia. Hence, anyone looking to become a certified and licensed Childcare Worker should follow these steps. It is a highly satisfying job that allows people to have a high-paying job and more. To know more, discuss a career as a childcare worker in Australia with professional consultants today!

What are the requirements to open a daycare center?

  1. Child Care licensing requirements: Most states require child care businesses to obtain a license prior to operating.
  2. Provider requirements: When applying for a childcare license, most states will list provider requirements that childcare center directors must meet in order to obtain a license.
  3. Capacity requirements: Low child-to-staff ratios and small group sizes ensure that children will receive adequate one-on-one attention to meet their specific needs.
  4. Health and safety requirements: As a childcare provider, you’re not just responsible for helping children reach developmental milestones, you also need to provide a safe and clean learning environment.
  5. Facility requirements: Facility requirements such as required indoor space, gated outdoor areas, sufficient lighting and ventilation, and heating and air conditioning, are some of the things that the state will require when opening a childcare center.

What certifications do I need to open a home daycare?

Home-based childcare providers, or those programs that provide childcare services in the caregiver’s own home, must also meet state-specific requirements in order to operate a childcare center at home. Similar to center-based programs, home-based programs will often have to meet provider, facility, and capacity requirements in order to obtain a license from the state.

  • Licensing requirements: Each state has its own specific licensing requirements for home childcare facilities.
  • Provider requirements: Each state has its own age, education, and training requirements that providers must meet before opening a home-based daycare business.
  • Facility and capacity requirements: The facility capacity requirements for home-based daycare centers vary from state to state. Many states categorize home-based daycare centers as either family or group childcare homes.
  • Insurance: Another requirement for obtaining your license may include obtaining insurance for your business. For example, to operate a daycare center in some states, you must obtain general liability insurance before getting licensed.

What Certifications Do I Need To Open a Daycare?

  1. Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care
  2. Diploma of Early Childhood Education and care
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