How much does Childcare Cost in Australia in 2023?

January 20, 2023    Child Care Courses in Perth

With the rising price tag of every item and service worldwide, childcare nowadays costs much more than what most people would expect. Childcare cost in Australia 2023 would be daily around $119 approximately, according to Yellow Pages. However, people with CCS (Child Care Subsidy) are eligible for a grant and thus, have to pay a lot less.

Unless people have retired parents or family members, child care becomes quite expensive. The fees depend on the childcare type an individual chooses for his/her child. Also, other factors that influence the price are house location, service provider, etc. Moreover, prices decided on other aspects too such as after and before school service, long days, pre-school, etc. Also, fees vary highly when subsidies and other funding are available for parents.

To curb expenses on child care, people need to understand the subsidies available; in addition, one should know the average pricing of agencies that deal with child care services too. Also, people would require knowing varying childcare costs along with daily costs and appropriate services available to get the work done.

People wondering “how much does childcare cost in Australia” and other expenses related to it should go through the information provided below.

What is the cost of childcare?

The Australian daycare facility will charge on average somewhere between $118-$120 approx (source:Yellow Pages). However, if an individual is eligible for CCS, then the entire expense can be reduced by 85% at the most; Therefore, if anyone is wondering “how much is child care cost”, then the simple answer would be that it varies.

People need to understand that childcare costs would primarily depend on factors like childcare type, a child’s age, number of children, days in a week needed for a child’s caring, etc. However, all these lead to the question related to childcare costs – How much does it cost exactly? To know check out details of cost variation and other details.

How does childcare cost vary?

The cost of child care service is why childcare fees will vary. Every agency charges differently within a range of services rendered to people. This is the major reason for a varying cost of childcare services. However, other factors influence the pricing too.

The most prominent factor for different costing is the location and working hours. For instance, if a professional takes care of a child for 8 hours, then she/he will be paid more than someone who takes care of a child for 4 hours. Also, location of a house or daycare service will play a crucial role in influencing the price charged.

Moreover, people wanting to know how much does childcare cost in 2023 should keep in mind that several services charge extra for meals, nap times, etc. The best way to know about the details of payment, an individual should consult a few agencies and compare fees and other prices. It is the only way to get the exact price for services that will be rendered. So, get in touch with agencies through email, phone, etc. for booking services for a particular day.

What is the daily cost of childcare?

Calculating daily childcare costs in Australia 2023 is quite easy for all. However, this cost varies depending service period along with the type of services offered to people. Thus, take a look at the table below for detail:

Source: Data is taken from Care for Kids

daily cost of childcare

Now one can calculate how much does childcare cost in Australia. Hence, choose the most suitable service. However, most prices mentioned here are pre-CCS. If one is eligible for a subsidy, then prices go down significantly.

Childcare subsidy eligibility and how it works


The cost of child care service varies greatly when subsidy kicks in. The amount an individual receives under child care subsidy will depend on the total household income. Also, this amount depends on the care service opted for along with activities undertaken.

Certain criteria must be met to be eligible for child care subsidy. The primary requirement is to hire an approved and recognised agency. Moreover, to be eligible, one of the parents should be an Australian resident, 14% of the time responsible for childcare costs, etc. In addition, for eligibility, a child has to be immunised and shouldn’t be in a secondary school. However, exceptions are made for children below the age of 13 studying in a secondary school or a child suffering from a disability; these conditions can help a parent get quite an effective rebate.

This should clear anyone’s question about how much is child care subsidy!

Data is taken from Yellow pages.

 How it works

Childcare is quite high and takes a toll on family budgets. However, to ease things up for families, the Australian Government has started Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and Additional Child Care Subsidy. Combined family income is what this subsidy is based on; also, it is directly paid to the childcare agency that one chooses.

How to choose a childcare service?

There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with childcare services. Hence, always check whether:

  • Vacancies available
  • A waiting list fee is applicable
  • Operating time and whether it suits one’s schedule
  • The fee is within budget (with or without subsidies)
  • Long-day or kindergarten care option is available
  • Additional costs are charged besides regular pricing

People checking these things out beforehand will get an idea about the best available childcare service. Hence, checking these things and comparing services is a must for all before opting for services and child care cost in Australia 2023.

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