How to become a Childcare educator in Australia?

August 21, 2018    childcarecoursesinperth

If there is a phase in a person’s life which requires the support of a teacher or advisor, then that stage is in childhood or early years of life. These years are pre-school years when a child is unable to speak properly or expresses his feelings clearly. This is called early childhood education and teachers that offer this education are called child care teachers.

Child care is a popular and rapidly growing industry for job opportunities, but understanding the minimum qualifications and training needs can be confusing.  To become a childhood teacher, you usually have to fulfill the child care courses qualification.  The Australian Child Care Industry has gone through significant changes and development in recent years, where several positive developments have been made for child care operators, teachers, children and their families.

Early childhood course is not only designed to give knowledge of the content of the bowl, but also give more emphasis to children’s psychology and keeping in mind the person needs and demands of each child. Childcare courses also give sound knowledge from pre-school to school smooth transition though child reaches five years of age. Child care training courses put a lot of emphasis on the social and emotional development of the child in addition to physical development and overall health.

The certificate 3 in childcare is considered as a national least qualification and training need for Child care workers and teachers who take care of children from preschool age for children in Early Childhood and care. If you want to bring on board a child care center or similar manager or coordinator role, then you have to get a diploma in early childhood education. To go to diploma qualification, a certificate III will be required.

Child Care certification workers take care of the daily needs of infants and young children, both of which promote social, physical and emotional development along with their physical needs. They work in various types of child care settings, including long-term care centers, pre-school and school care centers. Child care workers inspire creativity, develop self-assurance and promote basic literacy and numerical skills in a stimulating and safe environment.

Depending on the children being cared for and for whom they are being cared for, the child care worker will have different tasks and responsibilities from day to day. Duties may include feeding food, changing nappies, arranging educational activities and games, and contacting parents. Although this is a growing business, it is also very popular and competition for jobs can be strong. Self-employment opportunities exist in your home as a registered family day care provider.

The duties of the early childhood teachers and the working hours are different. Shiftwork is often necessary. Early childhood teachers usually share basic responsibilities. They spend long periods on their feet and carry the children and take the equipment.

Types of childcare workers:

The study of child care can also open a series of other options, which can be useful if you want to choose a slightly different career path. For example,

  • Child Care center workers: They work in teams of child care centers, including Head Start and Early Head Start Program. They often work with preschool teachers and teacher assistants to teach children through structured courses. They prepare daily and long-term programs of activities to encourage and educate children in the care of children. They also check and keep up records of children’s progress.
  • Nannies: Nannies usually works in the homes of the children she cared for. They can work on full or part-time or sometimes live-in basis. Nanny can take care of many children of different ages, and can develop physical activity as well as activities and routines. Work may need night and weekend depending on the needs of the family.
  • Early childhood teacher: To qualify as an early childhood teacher, you may be eligible to work in both private and government-owned preschool centers. Early childhood education teachers create academic and social programs, and take care of and care for young children.
  • Family child care providers: During traditional working hours, Family child care providers take care of the children in the provider’s home. They need to make sure that all their employees and their employed employees meet the rules for the family’s child care providers.
  • Babysitters: Babysitter works for many families instead of just one. Apart from this, they generally do not work full time, but sometimes take care of children at night and weekends during other parental responsibilities. Babysitters, such as a nanny, work in children’s homes in the care of children.

For a successful career in child care, a real relationship with young children, caring nature and a good degree of patience are essential. Good communication skills are also needed to keep parents informed about the needs and progress of children. Good observation skills and cautions also need skill. It can often be a very physically active job that is spent on your feet, so some fitness is also necessary. The atmosphere can be very loud and fast, but if you love kids – this should not be a problem!

Is becoming a Child Care Worker Right for You?

  • Child care workers are responsible for the care of children and young children in different environments and offer educational, social, physical and intellectual support to help in proper development.
  • Your daily activities may include preparation materials, activities, sports, and food. You will often be connected directly to children (like playing with them) and sometimes you may have to play a more supervisory role while interacting with other children.
  • You have to be ready to accept legal responsibility for the health and safety of the children in your care; You must be familiar with the Early Childhood Australia Code of Conduct
  • The Potential to work with other careers is necessary as many child care work including working as a small team.

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