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December 19, 2022    Child Care Courses in Perth
types of child care

With all the different types of childcare services out there, many parents may find it tough to pick the perfect fit for their families. The kind of childcare you require depends on many practical considerations like your budget, the age of your child, hours of childcare service required, etc. 

Childcare required for a child under the age of three may differ greatly from that needed for a kid above the age of five. 

There are many types of childcare centres and providers available for parents to choose from. It is best to select the childcare provider and a supportive environment that works best for your child’s overall needs. 

Let's take a look at the different childcare settings available in Perth. 

Here’s a list of childcare services that parents can rely on for the safety and well-being of their children. 


Nannies are the most common type of childcare service provider across the world. They offer independent in-home care for families. They often devote full-time or commit to a set number of hours and are employed by the family they work for. Usually, nannies charge the families on an hourly basis, with a mutually decided schedule fixed beforehand. Nannies may even provide fairly flexible and personalised care but tend to cost more than other childcare providers. 

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Traditional daycare centre

You may already be familiar with these good old types of childcare centres, known as Traditional daycare centres. An option most commonly chosen by families everywhere in Australia, these daycare centres offer their services during standard work hours (daytime). Many offer full-day or half-day care for children and some may also provide refreshments, meals, as well as supervised trips to gardens or museums, etc. Daycare centres typically charge families on a monthly basis instead of hourly, and they follow a planned routine with a large number of kids divided into groups. 

Let us help you find the right provider of child care in Perth so you can be fully assured about the safety and well-being of your little ones. 

Home Daycare

Another preferred setting in the Childcare category is Home Daycare services. These authorized in-home daycare centres provide childcare services in a home-based setting with a lesser number of children compared to a traditional daycare centre. These may even cost you lower than traditional daycare centres. Licensed in-home daycare centres are typically mandated to offer age-appropriate activities, follow safety standards, and work with caretakers who have undergone some kind of training in childcare. 


In the list of childcare services, babysitters usually come at the top owing to their flexibility. While nannies are hired on a part-time or full-time basis, babysitters are typically as-required caregivers. This means babysitters are hired to care for and watch children after-school hours or when parents have engagements in the evening. Their duties aren’t standardized, i.e. a babysitter's prime responsibility is watching the child—and making sure they are safe in the absence of their parents. The best part of hiring a Babysitter is that they can be requested for child care on short notice and tend to cost less than nannies. 

The mother's helper 

A mother’s helper can be thought of as a “babysitter in training,” their main focus is to simply help the parents. These helpers are not trained to provide proper care to children by themselves but are capable of responsibly playing with or watching children while parents may be present but are occupied with some other task. Many families that have more than one child employ mothers’ helpers to assist with childcare. 

Are you currently working as a mother’s helper but want to advance to better roles in the childcare industry? Getting childcare education can help!

Family Daycare

Family Daycare is upcoming as one of the commonly opted types of childcare centres by families in Australia.

Family Daycare Providers are licensed to offer care for up to 8 children within their private residential setting. This includes the provider’s own children. Only two children in this daycare may be under the age of two years. A Family Daycare caring for six children is permitted to care for three infants. Providers are required to be licensed and fulfil standard safety criteria established by the Bureau of Child Development and Child Care Licensing. 

It is one of the most flexible types of childcare arrangements for many parents.

Child Care Swap

Out of all the roles within a Childcare category, the most unheard of may be the arrangement of Child Care Swap. Here’s how it works: 

Few families with children agree and arrange to take turns with child care-taking responsibilities: where one family takes the responsibility one day and another might take the shift the next day. 

This arrangement primarily allows the families the reliability and flexibility of having their children taken care of within the comfort of their own community. It is also super affordable for the parents and allows the kids to socialize better.    

Relative Care

In some families, parents might request their friends or relatives to watch and care for their child while the parents are busy working or unavailable due to certain circumstances. Such a childcare setting is known as Relative Care, a very flexible and reliable way to look after your kids. In the absence of the parents, a relative or friend may be entrusted with the responsibilities of childcare. This option may also work well for children as well as their parents as far as the safety and well-being of their child is concerned. The payment may vary based on personal relations the parents have with the relative in charge.

Au pair

Au pairs are foreign caretakers who live with the families of the children and assist them with child care. Parents provide personal room to au pairs along with a stipend, in exchange for which, au pairs provide child care. Au pairs offer families the luxury and convenience of live-in child care while providing children with responsible caretakers who often become a part of the families they provide care for.

The bottom line

Whether you are looking for career advancement in the childcare sector or simply a conducive environment for your child, it is always a great idea to explore all your possibilities.

So which one should you choose? Honestly, it’s completely upto you since no provider is more or less better than the other one. Conclusively, among the types of childcare providers, the ideal childcare setting is the one that best suits your family's needs, is reliable, and is perspective and consistent while meeting your child’s needs. 

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