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June 29, 2022    Child Care Courses in Perth

Do you feel that working in childcare is your calling? You’re in the right place! A career with certificate 3 in childcare courses can be a great start in this field.

Nothing is more rewarding than starting a career in childcare. If you are eager to partake in the development of children, a career in cert 3 early childcare is the right step forward. Plus, in a country like Australia where both the parents are working, the need for a child caretaker is at an all-time high.

What makes childcare a rewarding career?

childcare is a rewarding career with Certificate 3 Contrary to common belief, there’s more to Childcare than just babysitting and playing. A career in childcare has a huge role to play in the holistic growth of a child. It’s about nurturing, guiding, and educating the kids to shape their overall well-being. The physical and psychological habits that one learns early on in childhood impact their adult life. Making a positive change in the lives of the young ones can be highly rewarding for you as well. This is why we suggest making a career with certificate 3 in childcare courses.

Opportunities After Certificate 3 in Childcare Courses

Let’s discuss the variety of job roles you can find once you get a cert 3 in childcare. These roles go beyond that of a nanny or a babysitter. There are many options to choose from, like:

1. Early childcare educator( ECE)

Early childcare educator ECE are teachers who work with children who are up to six years of age. They offer care and instructional info on formal education. This covers vocab, reading-writing, and laying the ground for social interactions in a child-friendly space. The ECEs mostly work in KGs and daycare centers. But in some cases, they may even work in community centers or places that provide daycare services to their employees.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Help prepare, plan, and execute proper curriculum for the development of children
  • Practice different teaching modes to meet the individual needs of children
  • Spot any learning difficulties in kids to make corrections
  • Oversee and monitor the overall progress of each child
  • Ensure the accomplishment of pre-determined learning goals

2. Childcare worker

Childcare Workers take care of children in several private and government settings. These centers include homes, women’s shelters childcare centers, hospitals, and crèches. They help children with educational and other activities.

Tasks of a childcare worker

  • Managing the day-to-day routine of children
  • Maintaining educational as well as hygiene regimes
  • Helping in designing educational materials
  • Organizing recreational activities
  • Managing children’s behavior
  • Supporting the social development of children
  • Planning and coordinating activities
  • Engaging children in reading and games

3. Childcare center manager/supervisor

Child care center managers are responsible for planning, directing, and managing the operations of care centers. This means they supervise other staff and develop programs to promote the children’s development.  It includes the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth of kids. Besides this, they develop rules and procedures to assure proper conduct and safety.

4. Childcare assistants

Childcare assistant A childcare assistant’s main role is to act as a caretaker for children, toddlers, and babies.

They are responsible for caretaking within an organization that may be private or government-run. They work parallelly with the childcare teacher. This ensures that the basic needs of a child are met and that the daily activities and lessons carry out smoothly. This job is an early childhood education job. Kids feel drawn toward adults who are friendly. And so it’s crucial for the assistants to have a nurturing nature.

5. Preschool Assistants

These assistants work along with educators in preschools. They prepare and execute educational programs for children and their parents.

In addition to this, they oversee the well-being and health of children. In many cases, they work side by side with senior education teams. This group ensures favorable learning outcomes for children. This boosts the chances of doing well in the higher grades.

6. Nanny/Educator

A Nanny/Educator takes care of all the kid’s needs in the absence of their parents. This caretaking takes place in homes for kids up to the age of four. The daily duties of a nanny consist of:

  • Feeding the child
  • Reading out to the kid
  • Tucking them in bed
  • Changing baby’s diaper
  • Running a bath
  • Washing the clothes of babies
  • Planning and preparing meals for children
  • Cleaning up after their meals
  • Shopping for children’s needs and other duties

7. Family day-care educators

The duties of a family daycare are very similar to that of a childcare assistant. The key difference is that family daycare is not as structured.

For example, siblings are not separated at a family daycare. Whereas in formal centers, kids are put together by age. Another pro of this role is that these educators have fewer children to monitor. As a result, they can provide better personal care. That said, their duties remain the same, and giving proper care is of prime essence.

8. Play Group Supervisor

Play Group Supervisor The playgroup Supervisor manages the daily tasks of the playgroup. Besides this, they also lead the team of Playgroup staff to provide:

  • a Creative
  • stimulating
  • happy
  • and a safe learning environment for kids

This helps with the physical, intellectual, and emotional development of kids. The teacher’s aide carries this out as per the center’s policies.

9. Education Support Staff / Teacher Aide

Often known as teacher aides, education support staff work in school classrooms. They assist students with their learning, development, and behavior. And of all the above roles, this one is highly gratifying. The teacher aide coordinates with teachers to help children with their learning needs. By learning needs we mean math, reading, and social skills. They support teachers by tracking assignments, keeping attendance, preparing lesson modules, etc. Also, as a teacher aide, you may work in specific areas of a school, for ex a computer lab.

Overview of Main Roles and Responsibilities

Most child care centers look for a Caring Child Care Worker. Apart from that, they prefer someone who is certified in child caring for kids ages six weeks to three years. These centers aim to provide quality care and education to kids. They intend to boost the proper growth of each child under their facility. So if you are a natural caregiver who wants to make a career in childcare, go ahead and make a pleasing career with certificate 3 in childcare courses.

Childcare Workers have quite an impact on the educational progress of children. They supervise by partaking in simple activities like reading and playing games. They also keep an eye on children’s behavior. Moreover, they make sure that the interaction between kids is healthy and polite. The child care workers also check the hygiene routines of the kids they are in charge of. Lastly, these workers largely influence the progress of kids in many aspects of their life.

Also to get the latest details and informative blogs about child care do visit our blogs to get all the updates and information.

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