What Is The Difference Between Diploma In Childcare And Certificate III In Childcare?

April 20, 2021    childcarecoursesinperth

Have passion in teaching and working with children? Then childcare sector is the perfect destination for you. The industry is highly growing and expanding according to government statistics that implies huge job opportunities. But, you are getting confused thinking how to start with, right? Well, there are number of child care courses in Perth available from top and qualified institutions.

Generally, there are two different types of courses offered to the students. One is Diploma in Childcare and another is Certificate III course in Childcare. You may select any one of these two but before that, you need a proper knowledge on these two courses and the key differences.

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Brief Descriptions of Both Child Care Courses

  • Certificate III in Childcare: Australian government predicts nearly two hundred thousand job openings to come in the next five years. So, doing a Certificate III Early Childhood Education is a suitable alternative to go for. This course covers different core skills that include planning, implementation and evaluation of early childhood education programs, fostering of individual development and supporting health meal times for the children. In this course, you will also learn how to comply with legal obligations and industry requirements.

If you do this course from a top institution, you will be learned through one-on-one guidance in stimulated working environments from top skilled trainers and professionals. There are a number of core units like ‘Develop cultural competence’, ‘Ensure the health and safety of children’, ‘Provide care for babies and toddlers’ etc. You will also have the option of three electives namely ‘Organize personal work priorities and development’, ‘Support behaviour of children and young people’ and ‘Work in partnership with families to provide appropriate education and care for children’.

  • Diploma in Childcare: Diploma in Childcare Perth is another option for you to take. This course will also enable you to work as an early childhood educator, where you can design the curriculum which will be used to support the learning of toddlers, babies and preschool children.

To get enrolled in this course, you will have to submit certain requirements like English language proficiency level (test score of any of the internationally recognized English tests like IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE), high school certificate as the academic qualification, A current and valid passport will be required, along with a study VISA which will cover the duration of study course. Well, if you are a student in Australia, then you will not require showing any English proficiency or high school certificate.

Just like Certificate III course, this course also includes core units like ‘Ensure the health and safety of the children’, ‘Maintain workplace health and safety’, ‘Nurture creativity in children’ etc. Apart from these core units, you will also have to study five elective units.

Key Differences Between Certificate III in Childcare and Diploma in Childcare?

There are differences, obviously. The most fundamental differences between the two is that, Certificate III course will make you develop specified skills to work as an early childhood educator, where you will work with children either in long day care or family day care services, while, diploma course will not only help you to develop core skills to work as an early childhood educator but it will also teach you with advanced knowledge and abilities so that you can work as an early childhood care education manager, group leader or a family day care coordinator.

As you can understand that, diploma course is an advanced course, the units that you will study here, will be more difficult than what you study in the certificate iii course. First of all, the number of units is substantially higher in diploma course. So, collectively, the diploma course is itself tougher than the certificate III course. You can understand it clearly if given an example. You will study a specific unit in certificate III which will teach you about holistic development of children, but an equivalent unit in diploma course will teach you about designing and implementation of curriculum.

There is also difference in the vocational placement requirements for the two courses. In the certificate III course, you need to complete 120 hours spent in vocational placement in any registered Australian Early Childhood Education Centre, while, for the diploma course, the time that you will need is 240 hours. For the same reason, certificate III course can be completed in 1 year while diploma course will take 2 years to complete.

Because of all the reasons stated above, the cost of diploma course will be much higher compared to the certificate III course.

What Are The Job Options After Completing These Early Childhood Education

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education course will offer you basic job options in childcare sector like early childhood educator, family day care worker, playgroup supervisor, childhood educator assistant or nanny. On the other hand, you can get appointed in a number of managerial and administrative roles after completing the Diploma course. These roles include authorized supervisor in children’s services, children’s services coordinator, centre manager, childhood educator, director etc.

If you want to just get a start in the childcare sector and look for other plans, then you may choose certificate III course. But if you have already gained experience in childhood education and want to get the maximum career opportunities, then you should go for the diploma course.

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Ending Note

Australian childcare sector is a growing industry and there is government prediction for high opportunities in the years to come. The job is equally rewarding and satisfying. So, if you’re based in Perth, go and search for different child care courses Perth which will give you ample of opportunities to get employed in such a beautiful yet economic industry.

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